Sand is just Tiny Mountains

The haze of a world, long forgetful of the iniquity of snow, suffuses all to turpentine and rags brilliance, animated by the maelstrom of the small creatures of God and the sapphire crunch of parched grass points to the distant blue hills.   A tower stands alone, with all the others, steeped in birdsong rich…

Remembering School

It often happens that we are most touched by what we are least capable of. Evanescent delicacy is not the quality in the arts that I admire most, but it is often the characteristic by which I am most reduced to envy.

Compass Point

North is up, at least on the map most of the time, so is it any wonder that my journey home, north to a country of; towering masses of stone, castles and fortresses defoliated with time, drifts of snow and days, and days where the sun describes a suggestion of travel before returning to slumber – is…

Seeking a Visceral Experience

Seeking a visceral experience doesn’t always have to be a serious or arduous journey, as any child can tell you.

We Are All Family

What did matter were those endless warm days, that time where we were all family, mother, father, daughters, friends and strangers. We are all family, all seated at the same table, breaking bread, talking, laughing, living.


There is no grave at which to weep, just ashes in the brickwork deep to shelter from the mistrals’ breath the only home for him since death. Yet there is not where he’ll be found nor yet in ashes underground this man no sanctum could contain but find his tears in summer rain his voice…

5 Salutations to your senses

A trip down memory lane should not begin and end with reminiscence, but lead you to a greater sense of awareness of where you are now. The following passages are each followed by an exercise intended to help guide you through remembering the value of sense memory in the way it makes you who you…