3 Dark Rooms

3 vignettes of Hope found in dark rooms.
“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”
― Rumi

Snow Beyond River Churches

Your everyday experiences are still magical. It just depends on how you open yourself up to them.

Doha for the Valley

A tree is a lifetime, standing alone, in a crowd creeping slowly to skies, with clouds that moan, loud.   Snow clings to the mountains, mocking their boughs, in winds hum, keeping their secrets close, water they’ll be, come.   A lifetime like a tree, all these branches, where we lay Were their lives a…

Raspberry Leaf

Her face is lost to me now – no contact, no photos, just memory calling forth the taste of cinnamon and raspberry on her lips and frozen shards of river ice in her eyes.   On the river she floats like a dandelion seed, effortlessly turns flushed with a joy that is not of me,…

Three of His Houses

“The places of quiet are going away, the churches, the woods, the libraries. And it is only in silence we can hear the voice inside of us which gives us true peace.”
― James Rozoff

Ghosts In The Forest

They came quietly white and blue across lawns of dying and green, beneath the terror cries of silver vessels that tore the sky.   Who made this path? Who feeds it with the heavy tread of a thousand feet in empty woods? Who placed these stones along this way? Who built this place?   Lie…

Rivers are the Children of Mountains

That it all came to this: Stories of Rivers, Trees and Mountains. No one cares really, they just nod and smile. It’s my turn to talk when he picks up his drink When he talks it’s my turn to drink.   In this way the world goes on, I know you’re hurting – and I’m…

Trees- Herman Hesse

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life. A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought, I am life from…

Burden of Nostalgia

“Each thing I do, I rush through so I can do something else. In such a way do the days pass—a blend of stock car racing and the never ending building of a gothic cathedral. Through the windows of my speeding car I see all that I love falling away: books unread, jokes untold, landscapes unvisited…”
― Stephen Dobyns

3 More Contexts

As in my first post of this nature, 3 Contexts and Confessions, I wanted to share something more of myself. It’s always a tricky thing for me- I am amazed how some people bare themselves on their blogs. Not that I think I have any privacy, I’m sure it is the work of a few moments…

Fade to Rest

There is nothing more than the shape of my memories reduced to silicon and electrons for you. What feeble games I play here as I seek transport in both space and time, a vacuum journey to my past self. I would ask you to meet me: on the hill, in the deep grass, in the…

3 Ways To Help A Dying Loved One

You will have to leave sometime – for some reason. Perhaps it is the end of the weekend, or you have to go back to work because you can’t take anymore time off. Perhaps there are going to be procedures- operations, physical therapy, chemotherapy or tests in unknown rooms in the maze of a hospital….


The sound of birdsong in the mist I am the thorn within your eye And healed as best when mother-kissed As lines and curves in soil strewn sky   I am the thorn, with thin yaws I, can fly a path in light of dawn, to trace rhythms for those that lie inside the textured…

Double Wall

Double Wall, is it always this dark in here? I hear the shadows of horses and cattle and remember the way you crawled into the window space to retrieve your diary. And my amazement at the way 2 panes of glass contained a room was supplanted by the sight of you in blue jeans.  …

Your Secret

I was walking down the little path along the river that fed the fields near our village, when I saw a friend emerge from the cornfield rows, brushing her hands through her long blonde hair. She saw me and we walked together, and she told me that she had just been with the local ‘bad…