Buda Pest

I took this picture, but it was a poor comparison to the one I took a few hours earlier with my wife in it.

3 Stories of an Uncle

His face is plump and decorated with the sort of moustache that immediately comes to mind when thinking of the European male stereotype, and indeed he is truly the embodiment of the traditional Austrian man.


Predictably, nothing ever fits either culture, Australian or Austrian, and my surname is no exception. Understanding it seems to confound even the most intelligent of people, they ask my name and I struggle through it; sometimes I say it first, other times I spell it. Lately I’ve been breaking it up into three parts –…

A Junkyard of Lights

Sometimes even now, two years since he died, I catch myself thinking about asking Dad for advice. For a millisecond, I forget that he is dead, and start to make a plan of when to call, how to frame the question – and then I remember that he is dead. That millisecond of forgetting is…


The corridor is hushed and dark while the summer sky shines in the park Upon his wrist they place the tag Around the skin as worn as rags   My father sleeps in a crowded room, filled with dreams and flowers in bloom, And onto him they tied his name and watched the hurt come…

What the Village allows

The typical ideal of an Austrian village includes snow capped peaks and deep valleys, adorable church spires, pine forested hills and maybe a few good natured cowbells tanging in the distance. That’s not what Felixdorf is like at all.

3 Contexts and Confessions

“I used to think that I could never lose anyone if I photographed them enough. In fact, my pictures show me how much I’ve lost.”
― Nan Goldin

100 words on Love

To recall the demonstrative is easy: to pinpoint an ending is much harder.


A tribute to the grass…

Belated Blessings.

The apartment is less than small, and would not be big enough for a couple, yet 5 of us live there. There is the living room, which is big enough to house two single beds, and a further stack of three mattresses, which each night are laid out onto the remaining floor space by the…


Die Wälder scheinen ruhig, bis Sie einen Fasan erschrecken und der Boden bricht zu einer Explosion von Geräuschen aus. Plötzlich fliegt ein Klumpen von Blättern mit einem schreienden Sirren, und die donnernde Kakophonie deines rasenden Herzschlags ist nur überwältigt von dem unmannischen Lachen des Alten, an deinem panischen Ausdruck.

Thank You for Visiting…

“If you come at four in the afternoon, I’ll begin to be happy by three.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry   The signs at the edges of towns and villages in Australia vary in design, but all share the same basic sentiments. They thank you for visiting, remind you about where you were, a gateway to…