Warmed Snow

via Daily Prompt: Immerse

Cold atop the mountain, we walked down to the valley

and felt the heat of the summer, saw the clear river

running across polished stones and sand ,

we thought to swim in the buckled land


The meltwater burnt like fire, shards of ice seemed to tear our flesh

you leapt out, my new wife

but I swam in the icy torrent, immersed in transparent lava

and climbing out into the warm air was like I had never known cold –

only warmth and comfort.


I thought about that day when I learned that the old man died,

three hours in intensive care, did his body burn

from his chest like fire? Shards of pain up his left arm, ragged tears in his lungs

to be replaced by the sensation climbing out of his body

like he had never known pain –

only warmth and comfort.


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