Final Ships Will Never Sink

Sometimes it’s so easy to think of time as a straight line, the way history is a river, moving through from birth to death. As we get older we see those we knew and loved leaving us and this world…

Keeping Memory Sacred

In the face of change and loss, sometimes it is best to let some things stay locked away as they were in a chamber of your heart, so they may still nourish your soul…


via Daily Prompt: Sound He always liked the television turned up too loud, so loud I  know the maximum volume is ’50’ and that the bar turns red, like the blood from his lungs that gathers in tissues, scattered across the small flat.   Hearing him try to cough out proliferated cells makes me want to […]

War Child: Part 1

Discovering the truth about family history can be upsetting, especially when other members don’t agree with the history. How can we overcome victim shaming and our inherent bias to deny the possibility of these awful realities?

The Promise of Snow

While change is perhaps the only consistent feature in our daily lives, when we step back we can see that our lives will often tend to find uniform rhythms that can prevent us from growing…