Soft Prayer

Let me walk between the heat of the field and the depth of the woods, Guide me to the places where food may be found. Let me see the pebbles, the leaves, the clouds as my family, until my family arrives. To you, God of the forest and the mountain, Lord of the desert and…

Well /Cave

The only way that the birds will cease Their endless singing for the dawn Is when the forest shall release the final trace of night unborn And though the earth is turned by feet of all the creatures God has wrought a hidden place will never greet the touch of Helios as sought by that…

Little Pond

Upon the hill it sleeps all winter awakens with the coming of the new growth Green skies say farewell to blue and the world stretches, awakens and cries rivulets. that repoach us all with a litany of sins “You thought you could fight mortality in your grey suits, your black saloon cars, your emails and…

Dreams of Emeralds

“If you don’t know the exact moment when the lights will go out, you might as well read until they do.”
Clive James

Satire or Robots?

If a post mocking the monetisation of blogging falls flat and no one is there to hear it, does the irony make an impression? Dedicated to the 3 new followers who do not read more than the title


I cut down a tree dead and diseased. Broke the chainsaw in the end. So much light has arrived and I will plant and tend a new orchard, to hang heavy with fruit Sometime after I die.

4 ways to increase your Blog’s traffic

Let’s face it – the reason you blog is not to express yourself, or to connect with people in a meaningful way. What you want is to get as many clicks and likes as possible. You’re dreaming of monetization and validation – of course you are! With that in mind here are 4 handy hints…

Black Ice

We stayed until the night was in danger of becoming the morning but I didn’t mind – I had found A Girl. I haven’t seen her in 20 years though I can see who she became – tall, curvaceous, the kind of girl who can wear a dirndl not to be sexy and still be sexy….

Xmas Tree

We put up the tree this afternoon. It is not even December, but there it is. For too long I was proud to be a Christmas naysayer. I felt that Ebenezer Scrooge had a pretty good approach to the whole nonsense. I saw glittering commercial nonsense, avarice and consumerism in place of a religion, conviniently…

Dust Storm and the Moon

The sky was filled with dust over the city, and turned the sunlight oddly flat and bronze looking. The wind dragged it in the wake of the heavy rain that fell for less than an hour, and then dropped it onto cars, windows, floors. The Bureau of Meteorology issued advice that babies, the elderly and…

Barberry Grief

Sadness is a forest,  the  warmth and light of the sun struggles to enter, though sparkles of it are there to remind you. Grief is a bird that calls every evening, when the sun sets but the sky remains pale and blue and clear. It calls as though it awaits an answer that never comes….

about God in a forest

The forest rises up from the first hills that mark the beginnings of mountains. You walk here from the tiny hamlet, past the soccer field where you used to go with your father in the evenings and watch the deer graze in the fading light and wait for the clockwork scurry of the hedgehogs searching…


Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance. Jean-Paul Sartre


Drive every morning to a place I hate for a job that means nothing to anyone – can’t be late. Traffic jams and all the screams of jets coming in to land “They moved the air lanes to punish the electorate.” Mowed the lawn yesterday thin new growth – took off my shoes and stood…

twelve minutes winter drive

Street lights, branches, dying snow banks Traffic lights are glowing Stopping and then starting Streets are paved in gray slush Corners bathed in sodium Trees all crying softly Mountains disappointed Chemical Reactions Iron lines are falling Hysterical and dying Crossing roads no caution